Masterplan to revamp a four-season resort in Quebec


Masterplan to revamp a four-season resort in Quebec

CLIENT : Owl’s Head


• Total budget = 250M CAD • 39 slopes covering 46.8 ha and 16.5 km • 10 mechanical lifts • Vertical drop: 510 m • 110,000 day skiers • 1 mountain, 1 golf course, 1 marina


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Owl’s Head is a ski resort in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Founded in 1965, it boasts of exceptional natural surroundings, including a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Memphremagog and the distant mountains of Vermont. As part of the acquisition of the resort, the investors aspire to enhance and update Owl’s Head by imagining a Masterplan with attractive facilities for a new and improved four-season resort.


MDP’s objective focused on the implementation of this Masterplan incorporating: – a comprehensive view of the intrinsic qualities of the site: variety of landscapes, connection with the axes of access – an analysis of target customers and the tourism industry to build a benchmark for Owl’s Head as a tourist destination – a complete examination of the development of the ski area: flow, slopes, mechanical lifts, snow network, interfaces with urban projects – proposals for facilities and activities compatible with four-season use: Ecolodge, outdoor paths, digital technology, outdoor nature activities – a proposal of engaged and viable timelines to assure the success of the operation using quick wins

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