Opportunity study to highlight an exceptional belvedere


Opportunity study to highlight an exceptional belvedere

CLIENT : Chamrousse


  • Altitude: 2253m
  • Footpath: 140m
  • 3 belvederes
  • Investment: 2,2M€ apart from studies
  • Subsidies: 77,5%


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“La Croix de Chamrousse” is the highest point in the Chamrousse resort and a prominent summit in the Belledonne mountain range. Easily accessible by gondola, there is an exceptional panoramic view of the Grenoble valley and the neighboring mountain ranges. Several buildings explain the history of the resort. The community wants to include this project in its “Chamrousse Mountain Park 2030” strategy (housing, urban planning, digital technology, four season recreational activities and business tourism) making its attractiveness for tourists an effective tool for economic development. This belvedere must strengthen the identity of the resort and allow it to become a key destination of the Grenoble metropolitan area, as well as the Alps. To achieve this, there must be new and innovative products that are sustainable, educational and targeted towards families.


  • Tourism: Put in perspective regional policies, customer expectations, benchmark assessments, an opportunity to develop educational and cultural informational products regarding the climate, located around the meteorological building
  • Development plan: technical feasibility, coherence of the proposals with the identity of the region and the competition
  • Economic and social impacts
  • search for subsidies
We have extended the process to include an environmental context, as well as dialogue with concerned administrations.

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    5A, chemin de la Dhuy - 38240 Meylan - FRANCE


    +33 (0) 4 76 90 20 60